15 Funny Ideas to use on prank/antic calls

15 Funny Ideas to use on prank/antic calls

The prank is a pragmatic pun that keeps or hurt people. Prank calls help keep people happy, and some people use pranks to come up with deceit that’s hurt others. Don’t use this to hurt others or get their hard-earned notes. Just make antics for fun, and you will see how your family and relative beam when they see you. Sometimes pranks are known to be pranks, but sometimes, your targets accept it’s real and get into their heads. When they realize this is antics, it breaks their heart and desperate. So, take your time; if you see this individual is taking things consequential, cut it off.

Funny things to say in prank calls.

1. Mission executed

You know how assassin rolls in movies when they kill their targets. You can make the prank call and tell your target. You have executed your mission, and you are waiting for the next instruction. If he delays or stammers, a little bit, says to him/her, “Sir, are you chickening out? You know very well they will send me after you”. Then hang up the calls and wait. After 24hrs call again saying what next? He will freak out, and I am sure if you are a close friend to them, he/she will call you and ask for help.

2. Soon order delivery

If they are your friend, just call them and tell them what they would like to have will be there soon. They will have a mixed reaction; they will be happy and demented at the same time. If they say no like they didn’t order anything, call out their names and give them fake details used to make the order. Make sure it’s a point toward 80%.

3. Random number

Call any number, within your country and ask them if they are 43king company. If they say you have a wrong number, tell them you are mike (use any name), and you were their last time, and you are looking if the heart transplant will happen in the evening (anytime and anybody part can be transplanted). Be serious and specific; don’t show apprehension.

4. Pregnant

You can make antics calls to your lover and tell him you are pregnant. This works best when he is insolvent; he will freak out. This will be fluky, but I am sure if well presented, it will work out perfectly. It’s a win. Also, you can make this call as another girl and see what your boyfriend will say about it. Don’t be deemster on him over a call; sometimes, they can just tense and answer very erroneous.

5. Victor

Call your buddies, tell them they have won anything, cash, accessories, electronics, or anything that’s fun. Use a radio station name and tell them won things they like a lot and they will be receiving it so soon. When you get it into their heads, and they are happy, tell them you are sorry, and it’s the wrong number; the victor is another person. You will break their heart if they take things personally, but if they are loose end, you will have fun when they call or text you about it.

6. Survey

Make survey calls with your buddy play around with them to annoy them. Try to convince them to take a survey. The type of survey matter. So, make sure it’s annoying. To make sure they don’t hang up, tell them they will win something at the end. Remember to ask if they are wedded and if they have a TV. Make sure it looks like a normal survey. If it’s your friend, ask him to name his bosom buddy. When you are not on the list, then know you can do better to be a friend.

7. Police

People are scared of the police, and I don’t know why. Have you ever met someone who doesn’t want police stories if they see them? They want to change the road. Ask them to go down to the station and give out a statement. You can give them any reason, maybe like their goats are causing nuisance down the street. Give them something to worry about. They will freak out.

8. Hotels toilet paper

You can get any hotel number and call them; ask them you are stuck in the toilet and because you don’t have toilet paper. You can tell them you are disappointed and you will not use their hotel again. You can tell them to do it fast; it’s creepy to stay in there. If you talk swiftly, you will enjoy this call; make sure you sound really mad.

9. Haunted house

You can call your neighbor and tell them their house is haunted. They will say they don’t have a difficulty so far but tell them after every ten years, and a shadow comes out to muddle the residence in that homestead. Remember, don’t make them move out; it’s just for fun. After ten to 30 mins call, make sure you tell them it’s just a trick.

10. My girlfriend

Call another man or a friend and ask them why they have been calling your girlfriend. Come up with any story to have fun.

11. Jexi or Siri

I am sure you have watched the Jexi movie. It was fun and very thrilling. You can create any iPhone user and tell them you are Siri, and you are stuck in their phone because of user brutality. Make sure you use magic sound software to make sure you sound like an Artificial intelligence on the other end. Tell them you are trapped, and you need rescue, and then you need help to have your revenge on the user.

12. Shoot out

Tell your friends you have been shot, and you are bleeding out. Use this with your companion to make them tense. Make sure you are crying to get a cool act.

13. Snitches

Snitches get stitches; you can call your friends and tell them if they snitch about anything you did stupid, you will kill them. There are a lot of things people can see; they are stupid, not only eating ice cream. If you want them to be confused, tell them something they didn’t see.

14. Silent calls

Call them and don’t talk and wait for them to spit funny words after you redo it.

15. Wallet call prank

Call anybody you know and tell them you have found their wallet lying on the grass. Give them any details about them to confirm if they don’t have their wallet; they will fall for it if they do try and see what will happen.

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