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14 Funny things to Airdrop to strangers

Airdrop is a feature found on Apple devices that facilitate file-sharing, sending and receiving photos, links, and contacts. This feature is, however, limited in a small geographical area mostly 30 feet away and, therefore, can be useful to those people who are close to each other. When anyone forgets to close the Airdrop setting around a group of people like teens is likely to receive a funny picture and memes. Therefore it is important to close Airdrop settings immediately after using it. The airdropped picture will always come along with two options, i.e., “Accept” or “Decline.” By clicking on the “accept,” you will end up sharing the picture.

Young teens and other idle people may benefit from the ability of Airdrop to send pictures and may use this opportunity to send hilarious pictures and to troll strangers. Some of the humorous pictures that can be airdropped to stranger include;

1. Terrifying pictures

Terrifying pictures are those pictures meant to frighten the stranger. It can be ghost-like, camouflage animals like a chameleon or any other terrifying creature or thing you know. On receiving the Airdrop, the stranger may be filled with terror, making him scream or shout loud. To some people, however, this kind of Airdrop may seem like a funny picture, and some will laugh at seeing the Airdrop.

2. Funny memes

Airdrop troll (sending random photos to a nearby Apple device) is one of the favorite things among teens who have Apple devices. They airdrop funny memes and pictures to make strangers laugh or to teach them a lesson for leaving the Airdrop feature open.

3. Animal images

This is another category of funny pictures that a person who leaves the Airdrop feature open might receive. Those who love animals may happily accept the Airdrop, while the few who have a phobia of animals may not take the Airdrop happily. Therefore they will end up declining the Airdrop.

By airdropping animals, pictures may also help to promote tourism as this may arouse the curiosity of seeing the animal airdropped in real life.

4. Advertisement materials

When a business person or any other person is around, people using Apple devices may take advantage of this opportunity and airdrop advertisement pictures. Airdropping these advertisement materials to people who are connected may help the person airdropping them to reach potential customers. Therefore, this can be a funny and beneficial way of using Airdrop.

5. Food and drinks images

This is a common airdrop that is sent to a stranger, especially those around hotels or any other food serving center. A picture of yummy food is airdropped to the stranger by the people owning the hotel for the purpose of advertisement or maybe airdropped by other people to show off what they are eating.

6. Nature images

The person using the Airdrop feature may decide to take the images of the surrounding environment and airdrop them to strangers who are nearby. They may do it to alert the users that their Airdrop feature is left open.

7. Funny Quotes

Funny and motivational quotes can also be airdropped to strangers. These quotes may make the receiver laugh or feel motivated by reading them.

However, these airdropped quotes may act as a disturbance in the case where the receiver is using the phone to perform other tasks, and therefore it is advisable to close the Airdrop setting when not in use.

8. Warning pictures

Warning pictures are those pictures that are intended to warn the receiver about something. They usually have a warning caption accompanied by a warning symbol or picture. The picture may be symbolically used to warn the person that his or her airdrop feature is open.

Also, it may be to pass a warning message, especially in an institution or in a group of people.

9. Cartoon pictures

Cartoons are humorous drawings that are meant for fun and often have a funny caption. Young teens may airdrop these cartoon pictures when they are nearby people with Apple devices. However, this is funnier when only a group of teens is involved in the sharing of these kinds of pictures. Therefore, Airdrop may be used for entertainment and passing the time.

10. Eye-catching images

This is another way to troll strangers. Once one realizes people around him have their Airdrop setting open, they may use the opportunity to airdrop images that are attractive (Eye-catching images) to entertain them. Beautiful sceneries, houses on top of a tree, expensive vehicles are some of the eye-catching images that can be airdropped.

11. Plants and trees photos

Plants and trees images are hilarious pictures to Airdrop. When your Airdrop feature is left open, you may start receiving crazy plants and trees images from strangers. These images may be of no benefit to some of those who receive the Airdrop, and therefore they will end up being declined.

For instance, farmers will it is as fun airdropping plant images rather than other funny images.

12. People’s pictures

Though the main use of the Airdrop feature is sending and receiving pictures, some people may take advantage of this and therefore end up misusing it. They may send their own pictures to strangers. This can be a good trick in the case where one is looking for a partner.

However, these pictures may be declined if the receiver doesn’t like them.

13. Trending images

Airdropping trending funny images or other trending images may play a vital role in making sure those who receive the Airdrop are updated as well as entertained. When one is commuting in a public vehicle or when around a group of people may take advantage of the opportunity and Airdrop’s latest trends.

14. Greetings pictures

These are images that contain greetings caption. This is one of the best airdrops that one can share with a stranger. However, this freedom can be misused, where one decides to share many greeting airdrops to the same person (stranger). That why it is always advisable to disable your Airdrop feature when around many people to avoid such cases and also to save on your battery as the Airdrop feature drain phone battery.

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