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13 Funny things to put on your story

Depending on the wide range of platforms, every platform has that space to put a story. This can be a funny story, but it is a creative nature of a move forward. For instance, on Instagram, you can create your story ideas to engage the followers. The fun and ideas will aid you in creating endless and creative content to catch from the platform. Here are some funny stories which are vividly creative.

1. Promotion of blog posts

This is the perfect place to promote your blog. You can as well do it for your articles by putting it as your story. It will be a funny thing. Also, you can couple it with some other posts and features and send it to your followers, and they will put it as well. This is an indication of creativity, and creativity is fun.

2. Promoting the Instagram posts

The news stories and posts, the Instagram stories are the best place to share all your latest posts with your followers. After all, you will realize that your posts have been seen by all your followers. Try to make them funny and attractive.

3. Promoting products

For example, “Build a good foundation of a business which will pay you to live a life you desire as per your wish.” This seems to be a launching of a product that is in mind to be generated. Your Instagram stories should be perfect for that. Make it known your product launch, get the various responses on the product, or you can as well do promotion of your current product that has already been released through the story. You can also promote your online courses, and this is all fun in it.

4. Creating a story that is shoppable

The shoppable stories may include stickers. This will allow the businessmen and women, and entrepreneurs to get the buyers of their products directly in your Instagram story. It doesn’t even require the user to do the swipe up. One just finds it freely from an app.

5. The takeover story

Be an ambassador of your brand. This is when you allow someone who has no access to the Instagram account to be able to post on it, even just for a day. This can be a hired person to promote your brand. This is fine through posting a story. Remember that all the Instagram stories are just some fun content for the intended persons. This will influence many.

6. Going live

In your story, you can do the live videos because they are some of the fantastic ways to engage the intended persons directly. This gives a chance for your followers to ask a question directly gives them the chance to comment on the bide. This provides a lifetime of contact and engagement. At the moment, you will be done with your live video immediately. It will show in your story Multitasking through creativity.

7. Think of leadership

Generate some trucks and funny things to share. Again this is the best ever platform to put your stories. Create a brand to present the thought of leadership. This will create engagement and place your brand will be in a position of being treated as a good source of information. Get a constant engagement to your followers as you speak directly to your viewers about various topics and be ready to give answers to the question that may arise.

8. Using sticker question

Another awesome way to get in contact with your followers is through using the question stickers. This will allow you to give a question to your followers. But expect them to answer with anything of their choice. Do the Sharing to your story, and this will create fun and total engagement with the followers. Through the question stickers, new ideas are created because it is in topic variety.

9. Sharing followers DMS

Not at all times. You should use the question stickers to share your answers and responses from your followers. Just take a clean screenshot of their DMS with you and share your story. You will get the greatest testimonies on the brand you are working on.

10. Contest and Giveaways

If you need to get many followers and engagement, you should hold giveaways and contest for the learners and readers to give any prize for the trials made in the service. This just depends on what products are within them. This is done through tagging someone in the comment section, DM them, sharing the parts, and finally liking your post too.

11. Countdown to an event

The Instagram countdown sticker, another great and awesome sticker one should use, is this. This is set to countdown to an event and mostly in seconds. Corresponding to the title, make the followers aware that you are doing the countdown. The most ideas to countdown to are; the intended upcoming sale, the brand’s anniversary, the new brand opening, contests, and their scheduled date, for instance, the opening date and the closing dates. The importance of the feature is the fact that the followers can just tap on it and share the countdown with their followers on their own. This is funny.

12. #TBT

This is just but “Throwback Thursday” It has become a popular hashtag; all it contains is just throwing back to the past memories. It makes it great and perfect for an Instagram story better for your followers. How is it done? Simple, funny, just take a snap of brand of your past times with the #tbt. This is a funny way of showcasing where your brand has evolved from. See how it has grown overtimes.

13. Ask for grants and donations

Allow your followers to donate directly from your story by putting the Instagram donation stickers. Funny. At times it’s a fundraiser thing, and it is an easy way to support both your story and build attachment with the followers. This is done by just choosing the sticker donation in the sticker booklet drawer, then looking through that catalog of various nonprofits to select them according to your choice to your followers. The followers can also synchronize the name of their donators.

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