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13 Funny things to Photoshop face onto

Photoshop is a photo editing software that permits its users to manipulate various graphic and digital art. If you are bored or you don’t feel OK with how your photo or images are presented online, you can edit them. If you don’t know how to use photoshop software, you can use the online platform to edit those images.

1. The Hulk

Many people love hulk, and they want to appear in that shape. You can photoshop your image on hulk photos or images. Download these images from an online website. Impress your friends and partners with all this.

2. Curious Kid

Photoshop kids into an amazing scene to create your fairytale esque images. For example, kids play with a snake, lion, and cheetah.

3. Pets faces

You can stitch animals’ heads onto any human body. If you love pets like cats, fish, and dogs, you can add their faces to your body picture.

4. Meme your pictures

A meme is funny images online that you can create by adding stickers, small images, adding sound, and all that. Adobe creative cloud has different fonts, stickers and they will give you suggestions.

5. Tell a funny story

Combine different objects or elements to make your images tell stories. For example, a rat praying to God while in a trap.

6. Pop-up book

A pop-up book is a book where we add images to create landscapes and funny stories. Create a pop-up book with different objects and tell a story. They create a 30-second video viewing the book. You can use tom and Jerry’s faces stitched on your body pictures.

7. Weird meal

Weird meal mostly includes things that s are fun to eat. Most people use the faces of human beings, at the same time human and are d s forks and fingers are chopsticks. Uncooked hyena stake, head, or skin either of them.

8. Alien eyes or body features

Sometimes aliens are believed to be funny in looking, movements, and talking. Alien features and meta-human can surprise you. For movements and talking, you will have to create a gif or a video.

9. Peeling the sky or the Earth

Peeling can only be funny if you create funny images by combining unexpected elements at a unique place. Peeling can hold the sky and lift it like a sheet and look behind. Peeling walls to find drugs, stolen money,d all that.

10. New animal Breed

Channel your doctor skills and come up with your animal species. For example, flying dogs, tigers, tigers, Samurai, and many more.

11. Fun Photo Box

Fun photo box allows you to attach images on different advertisement billboards. You can add your picture as one of the actors, singers, animated characters, and many others.

12. Funny Mosaic photo

You can photoshop your face on famous mosaic photos to create funny mosaic images.

You can use picartia and online platforms to create your images if it’s hard.

13. Celebrity hairstyle

Most actors and singers have expensive hair designers we can Photoshop their hard work and use it for our benefit.

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