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10 Funny Things You Can Add to Your Bio

Most people on social media are hankering for countless followers. Their motive is to talk to the world; they want to sell their commodities and services and others for prominence. Bio is a section on your profile where you can add information about yourself or your business. It mostly includes contacts, hashtags, emojis, and website URLs. Here are some of the amusing ideas you can put in your bio.

1. Sassy, Classy with a touch of badassery.

According to research, most people are being liked for being impudent but at the same time classy. (Badass means being great than others.) It means you are cheeky, bold, full of spirit, and lively at the same time. You are badass.

2. Recovering ice cream addict.

Ice cream addiction is something we have never heard of in the world. As we all know, addiction is a complex condition where your brains always tell you to need ice cream; how cool is that, which is a dream for most girls on the campus.

3. Relationship status: ice cream and Netflix.

Everybody loves ice cream and watching Netflix. That’s funny as people wonder who this guy/girl is married to awesomeness. They will want to know what kind of relationship you have with napping.

4. Locution (words and phrases) cannot convey my love and passion for Friday night.

Everybody loves Friday night as it marks the end of the week, the end of the job, and the start of a weekend.

5. I might look like I’m doing zero, but in my head, I’m quite occupied.

Thinking or imagining sometimes is work, but people assume it’s stressful. Sometimes it’s just figuring things out. It shows you know what you are doing even if they judge you.

6. I Am a gifted napper, Ice Cream eater, and talker in town.

Napping has a lot of benefits to humans’. People love it mostly because of relaxation. Now you are a gifted napper who loves ice cream and is known for talking in town.

7. My hobbies are breakfast, lunch, and dinner topped with a chocolate dessert.

People’s hobbies are things people love to do when they are free. Having breakfast, lunch, and dinner can’t be hobbies, but you place them as hobbies that will blow people’s minds. Being funny requires you to play around with what people will find humorous.

8. I want to despair and become a magnate from time to time.

Quitting will never make you a billionaire, but you will be a loser. It would help if you worked so that. To be magnate, you need to work, not give up and be something g you cannot be without resources. The lazy billionaire was never seen before in the world.

9. Drakes’ feelings Kanye attitude.

Do you remember Drake’s song in my feelings? Where he was dreaming that he was chasing a girl. But at the end, he gets the girl, and he wakes up in the middle of a tour or performance, and it is time for him to perform. He had to ask for five minutes to take all in how he felt. We all know Kanye attitude being the man is all about Kanye.

10. Humble with just a hint of Kanye.

Following your favorite person on social entertainment star and you get a hint from them you will be relaxed as usual.

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